According to Accountemps Research, (the world’s largest specialised temp agency), managers spend on average 18 % of their time – more than seven hours a week or nine weeks a year intervening in employee disputes


Mismanaged and unmanaged conflict results in under performance, time wastage, de-motivation, lost opportunities, employee replacement, sabotage, restructuring, absenteeism, lowered ‘presenteeism’, and more.

Poorly managed conflicts in the workplace are crippling British business. The average UK employee spends over two hours a week dealing with conflict, which means in total more than 370 million working days were lost last year.

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (UK)

While a lot of this is measureable and can be related to a specific dispute, there are secondary ‘knock on effects’ that are damaging such as insurance premium increases or degraded decision quality.

The most troubling consequences however are those that become systemic. Examples would be degraded customer service or difficulties attracting top talent. These costs are all-pervasive and toxic, seemingly unrelated to any specific conflict or need for change.

This alarming continuum can erode brands – leaders would do well to consider serious assessment of conflict that goes unnoticed in their own organisations.

My Cost of Conflict Calculator:

I’ve designed and built a Cost of conflict Calculator for South African conditions which I’d be happy to share. It takes less than five minutes to enter a few numbers based on any conflict that you’ve been involved in, know about, or just “made up”. Getting in touch with the actual money that conflict can cost is a real eye opener!

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