How to fix something when you don’t know what’s wrong? While conflict is so very pervasive and human, we are mostly not in the habit of getting to the bottom of it. Before we can look at conflict change we need to understand its source.

Of course the conflict situation itself factors, but it is essential to understand how the behaviour of all those involved contributes to the conflict.

Using the Conflict Dynamics Profile™1 we look at conflict behaviour in the workplace. The CDP, time proven and psychometrically sound, is well respected in the field of Conflict Management. While the evaluation draws on individual responses, rather than on the analysis of PERSONALITY or characteristics, the CDP is an assessment instrument specifically dealing with conflict BEHAVIOUR.

This tried and tested profiling tool has two dimensions:

  • the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) – based on self assessment
  • the CDP 360 – based on multiple reviews from direct reports, peers and colleagues; both superiors and subordinates.

A confidential profile is prepared for each person that focuses on their conflict and pre-conflict RESPONSES, based on the feedback. All input is absolutely classified; colleagues are free to express opinions openly and honestly, knowing the candidate never sees the reviews of fellow participants. The results are then considered privately by an accredited professional together with each candidate to examine their attitudes and responses to conflict and of its basic dynamics. Engaging with the feedback becomes a process whereby the individual can improve their cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills.

In addition to constructive self-insight on an individual level, the data can be aggregated to reflect the conflict behaviour of groups – useful when exploring conflict  between interdependent teams. The CDP points to practical solutions for promoting more effective Conflict Resolution and becoming Conflict Competent.




1  Developed by the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College, Florida


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