I help increase productivity through the effective management of conflict in the workplace.


I am an Organisational Conflict Management professional. Employees who are equipped to cope with crises and conflict carry a positive mind-set to friends, family and more. This exponential effect rubs off; it enhances lives and comes around to further enrich that same employee, co-workers, and the organisation itself.

What a great way to contribute towards a slightly better world!

With three decades in the jewellery industry behind me, and having built my own manufacturing, retailing, and consulting businesses in the US and in South Africa, I understand how productivity was reduced in my own companies through outdated and destructive conflict handling.

After some years studying the links between conflict management and productivity, it has become clear that massive opportunities are being missed. There is gross under-investment of time, money, skills, and ‘space’ in informal, interest-based options to deal with conflict.

I hadn’t discovered anything new: hundreds of leading organisations, like Coca Cola, The World Bank, Mars, and American Express are developing workplace cultures that capitalise on opportunities arising from conflict. My work draws from the experience of top conflict managers – many of them insiders at Fortune 500 companies – whom I continually to collaborate with.

My work involves Alternate Dispute Resolution and the systemisation of informal workplace conflict management to ensure excellent delivery and high returns on investment.

The post grad launch of my second career and trainer accreditation from the world’s most respected workplace conflict courses has culminated in the creation of my own comprehensive training course, infused with a good dose of ‘street-smarts’.

I am passionate about building and being involved in Integrated Conflict Management Systems in the workplace – the very nucleus for people, community and societal betterment.